Why We Malaysians Love our Durian

Not only this fruit is the King of all fruits, did you know that Malaysia’s national fruit is actually Durian? No wonder most Malaysian’s love this fruit! Believe it or not, we Malaysian’s love our durian so much so that we can instantly recognize the types of durians available in the market from its pungent smell even before looking at it. If you do a quick google, you can find at least 10-12 different types of durian available but here I’m just going to introduce to you some of the commonly available and good ones you can try.

The Musang King
The most celebrated and preferred type by most Malaysians due to its smooth and buttery texture. The strong bitter sweet taste is also a factor why Malaysians love them. Most expensive durian per kg you can just consume 2 or 3 seeds and feel fully statisfied

This is also another preferred type before the emergence of Musang King. The strong bittersweet taste is comparative to Musang King and it leans towards a more bitter taste which some prefers. Its texture although creamy but its not as creamy as the Musang King

The name says it all because it has an alcoholic fermented taste. Soft to hold, some may find it a little mushy to taste

Durian Kampung
It’s the cheapest durian available. You can usually find them in the “kampong” or more rural parts in Malaysia or simply at the roadside stall sold in baskets

Black Thorn
Slowly gaining popularity. This variant is originally from Penang and because of its limited availability, the price is sometimes more expensive than Musang King

Red Prawn
Another well-known variant in Penang, younger trees produce the sweeter fruits whereas the older trees are said to be able to bear an equal amount of sweet and bitter fruits.

Confused and spoilt by choices? Get the stall owner to introduce you to the cheapest variant. I personally recommend you to start eating from the cheapest durian to the most expensive ones to enjoy the difference each durian has to offer!