We Provide

  • Tours

    Discover our natural forest reserves, world-class marine parks, international resorts and wildlife sanctuaries to name a few, across the country.

    Tour our international standard private hospital facilities to seek professional advice.

    Go on a shopping spree at our finest malls, tantalise your taste buds at our best restaurants and dance the night away at some of Malaysia’s best nightclubs.

    Malaysia has it all!

  • Translation

    Our language translation experts help you feel right at home specialising in Mandarin, Arabic, French, Italian, Hindi and other leading languages from across the globe.

  • Information

    Malaysia attracts multinational corporations and SMB’s through its evolving business models and incentives to grow businesses in this region.

    Consult with us for expert advice on how to minimise your cost and maximise your profit margins to stay competitive in this robust global marketplace.

    Seek advice from our leading universities and international schools on world-class education for your children and courses across different areas of specialisation.

  • Application

    Our team will simplify the MM2H application process after speaking with you by filling up the necessary MM2H documentation and help kick start the process.

  • Submission

    Once the application for a MM2H visa is made, our team will look after the submission process on your behalf to facilitate the Conditional Approval for MM2H Visa. We will require all essential documents like passport copies, passport size photos, letter of good conduct, birth certificates, marriage certificates etc.

    Upon arrival in Malaysia, our team will greet you and ensure you are well settled in before attending to all the necessary remaining processes before presenting you with your 10-year renewable MM2H Visa.

  • Relocation

    Our team will welcome you with our Malaysian hospitality upon arrival and assist with your initial transportation, accommodation, MM2H visa needs, banking and the other essentials.

    If required, we will be more than happy to recommend duty free car providers, maids for your housekeeping as well as real estate specialists to help you settle into Malaysia comfortably.

  • Investment

    Malaysia is one of the best places in the world for foreigners to invest.

    Grow your investments and capitalise on opportunities in real estate, finance, banking, agriculture, fishery, business, manufacturing, technology etc.

    To start a business and understand the Malaysian marketplace, consult with us for further information.

Our Services Cover

Handle MM2H Application Process

  • Organize Pre – MM2H Fact finding holiday tours in Malaysia for interested clients to obtain first hand experience of life in Malaysia.
  • Provide latest information regarding the terms and conditions to foreign citizens who are interested to join the Malaysia My Second Home Programme
  • Prepare application together with the required documents for submission to the Immigration/Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia. This includes ensuring that the application form is properly filled up and all the required documents are attached and certified
  • Sign a Personal Bond with the Government of Malaysia to guarantee the good conduct of the participants throughout their stay in Malaysia under this programme. If the licensed companies’ clients are caught violating the terms and conditions of their stay in Malaysia, they are required to arrange for the immediate deportation of their clients back to their home country, including purchase of air tickets, food and lodging, etc.
  • Inform clients about the status of their application until they receive the Conditional Approval letter from Immigration Department. Advice client to come to Malaysia within 6 months from the date of approval of the Conditional Approval letter to fulfil all the required terms and conditions.

Assist Applicants with relocating to MALAYSIA

  • Arrange for transportation and accommodation for successful applicants upon arrival in Malaysia
  • Assist successful applicants to open a fixed deposit account
  • Assist successful applicants to arrange for insurance policy and medical report (if required)
  • Bring successful applicants to the Immigration Department (or later to the MM2H Centre once the Immigration Department’s branch is set-up in this centre) to pay the required visa fees and have their passport stamped with Malaysia My Second Home sticker
  • Alert participants on how to purchase a home under the MM2H programme
  • Alert participants on how to purchase a car under the MM2H programme
  • Alert participants on how to apply for a maid under the MM2H programme


  • House rental or house purchase
  • Application for AP for imported car
  • Application for housemaid
  • Application for tax exemption for bringing in car or buying a locally imported car
  • Arrangement to bring clients’ personal belongings to Malaysia
  • Application for students’ pass for children of MM2H’s participants who wish to study in Malaysia
  • Application to withdraw part of the fixed deposit after a period of 1 year for the purchase of house, education and medical purpose
  • Applying for telecommunication and utilities services (telephone, electricity, water supply, etc)
  • Any other services upon specific request